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Comparing Gutterglove and LeafFilter Gutter Guards: Which is the Best Choice for Your Home?

Which Is Better Gutterglove Or Leaffilter

Quick Summary:

Choosing the right gutter guard is essential for reducing maintenance and protecting your home from water damage. In this blog post, we compare two popular options on the market: Gutterglove and LeafFilter gutter guards. We’ll explore their features, benefits, and some key differences to help you make an informed decision. Conclusively, we find that Gutterglove offers superior protection and value, making it the preferred choice for homeowners. Interested in a free evaluation and estimate for Gutterglove installation? Contact CLT Improvements today or complete our online form here: Gutterglove Gutter Guards at CLT Improvements.

Homeowners seeking to minimize gutter maintenance and enhance their home’s protection against the elements typically turn to gutter guards as a reliable solution. Among the various brands available, Gutterglove and LeafFilter stand out as top choices. This comparison aims to dissect their features and performance to determine which gutter guard system reigns supreme.

Design and Material Quality

Gutterglove: Gutterglove utilizes a stainless steel micro-mesh filter that is highly durable and designed to block all types of debris, from leaves and pine needles to roof grit and pests. The frame is constructed from anodized aluminum, which does not corrode or rust, providing longevity and sustained performance.

LeafFilter: LeafFilter uses a micromesh filtering technology similar to Gutterglove but incorporates a uPVC frame that is resistant to weather and corrosion. However, the plastic nature of uPVC may not be as durable in the long term compared to the anodized aluminum used in Gutterglove’s construction.

Watch this quick video showing the differences between Gutterglove and LeafFilter.

Performance and Efficiency

Gutterglove: The efficacy of Gutterglove in preventing debris accumulation is excellent, largely due to its mesh design that allows nothing but water to pass through. This ensures that gutters remain clog-free, significantly reducing the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance.

LeafFilter: LeafFilter also performs well in keeping debris out of gutters, but some users report that the mesh can get clogged over time with smaller particulates like shingle grit, which can impede water flow during heavy rains.

Installation and Compatibility

Gutterglove: Gutterglove offers versatility in installation, fitting onto a wide range of gutter sizes and types with relative ease. This adaptability makes it suitable for almost any home without the need for extensive modifications.

LeafFilter: While LeafFilter can also be adapted to many gutter types, the installation process is sometimes criticized for being more intrusive, often requiring more significant adjustments to the existing gutter system.

Notice the slope with Gutterglove which allows all water and debris to easily slide off without getting hung up like straight rain gutter guards do.

gutterglove1 gutterglove2

Warranty and Support

Gutterglove: One of Gutterglove’s strongest selling points is its generous warranty period, which underscores its durability and the company’s commitment to quality. Additionally, customer support is readily accessible and responsive, providing homeowners with peace of mind.

LeafFilter: LeafFilter offers a comparable warranty, but there have been instances where customers faced challenges with service claims, which could be a concern for potential buyers.

The Verdict

After a thorough comparison, Gutterglove emerges as the superior choice due to its robust construction, exceptional filtering performance, easier installation, and reliable customer support. Its use of durable materials and a more efficient mesh design ensures that homeowners will receive better long-term value and less hassle.

For homeowners looking to invest in high-quality gutter protection, Gutterglove is undoubtedly the better option. To learn more about Gutterglove gutter guards and to receive a free evaluation and estimate, contact CLT Improvements or fill out our online form today at Protect your home effectively and efficiently with the best gutter guards on the market.


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