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Reflecting Your Home Value

Why Consider Exterior Home Improvements?

Question: “Is Your Home’s Exterior Reflecting Its True Value?” Answer: The exterior of your home is the first thing people see, and it plays a…

How Energy Efficient Is Your House?

How Energy Efficient Are Your Windows and Siding?

In today’s world, energy efficiency isn’t just about protecting the environment—it’s also about saving money and improving the comfort of your home. Windows and siding…

Family Looking At Their Old House That Needs Updating

Common Barriers to Upgrading Your Home’s Exterior

1. Cost Concerns: Question: “Is upgrading my home’s exterior too expensive?” Answer: One of the most significant concerns homeowners have about exterior upgrades is the…

Sun Damaged Siding

The Hidden Dangers of Sun and UV Exposure: Protecting Your Home’s Exterior

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause significant damage to vinyl siding, gutters, roofing, and windows, leading to costly repairs and replacements. This comprehensive guide explores…

Hail Damage In Rock Hill South Carolina

After the Storm: Understanding Hail Damage from the Recent Rock Hill Storm

The recent hail storm that hit Rock Hill, SC, left many homeowners grappling with significant damage to their properties. As one of nature’s most destructive…

Memorial Day Special

Memorial Day Celebration: Special Savings from CLT Improvements!

As Memorial Day approaches, it’s a time to reflect on the sacrifices made by our military personnel and celebrate the freedoms they’ve secured for us.…

Homeowners Insurance Adjuster Examining A Damaged Roof

Using Homeowner’s Insurance for Exterior Home Repairs: When Is It Right for You?

Introduction: Navigating the complexities of homeowner’s insurance claims can be daunting, especially when it comes to damage to your home’s exterior. Whether it’s your roof,…

Water Overflowing The Gutters Side

Why Is Water Overflowing from Your Rain Gutters? Causes and Solutions

Summary: Experiencing water overflow from your rain gutters during a downpour can lead to serious damage to your home’s foundation and landscaping. This comprehensive blog…

Man Cleaning Vinyl Siding House

Ultimate Guide to Cleaning and Caring for Your Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a popular choice for homeowners due to its durability, affordability, and minimal maintenance requirements. However, to keep it looking its best and…

Hail On A House

Bracing for Impact: Understanding the Effects of Hail on Roofs and Vinyl Siding

Quick Summary: Hail storms in North Carolina and South Carolina are more common than many residents may realize, posing significant risks to the structural integrity…

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